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Blue Force Gear NSN Vickers Sling

Extreme Price: $65.00

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NSN: 1005-01-604-0627  (Coyote Brown)
NSN: 1005-01-625-4470  (Black)

The world standard Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) holds a National Stock Number given by the Defense Logistics Agency.  After extensive testing including combat evaluations, this sling is issued with the USMC M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle and authorized for use with the M4, M4A1, and M16 series weapons.  

The Patented Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ has revolutionized the way the US military approaches combat slings and has ushered in the “post 3-point sling” era.  Developed to meet the requirements of former 1st SFOD-Delta operational member Larry Vickers, the VCAS™ incorporates key details that set this sling apart from all others.  Over 100,000 Vickers Combat Applications Slings are in use by America’s Finest across every branch of service.

The contrasting color pull tab on the proprietary quick adjuster can instantly change the length of the sling to convert from carrying the weapon to a shooting position and quickly back again.  When tightened, this amazing sling has no excess webbing tail, springs, or moving parts that could fail, get tangled, or caught up in the weapon system.

The Vickers Sling can be attached to any issue M4 or M4A1.  For attachment to the M27 or other weapons with a railed fore end, use the Rail Mounted Fixed Loop (RMFL). 

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